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2020-03-26 来源:未知 编辑::ldh 阅读

8 Signs Your Job May Be Toxic for Your Mental Health


How do you know when your job is not just stressful but is actually toxic and is draining the life out of you?


Jobs can be toxic for many reasons—they might be overwhelmingly stressful, or intolerably dull. It could be the clientele who make it toxic, like demanding diners in a restaurant, or maybe it’s a boss or co-worker.


It’s important here to distinguish between a toxic job and burnout. Burnout happens when we don’t adequately recharge from the stresses of work, and are gradually worn down. With adequate rest and perhaps a different perspective on our work, we can recover from burnout and stay in the same position. But if the job is actually toxic, no amount of rest or time away will make it tolerable for long once you return.


If you’re really unhappy at work, look for the following signs that your job is toxic for your mental health.


1. It’s hard to feel positive emotions at work. You experience plenty of joy and ease away from work, but those feelings are nowhere to be found once you enter the work place. Instead you’re always uneasy, on edge, or just emotionally weary.

1. 工作时难有激情。工作时本应给予你诸多快乐和轻松感,而你一走进工作场所,毫无这些感觉。相反,你总感到不安,紧张,或是情绪疲惫。

2. It takes all weekend to recover from the work week. Your mental health declines throughout the week. By Tuesday you’re exhausted, and can’t imagine how you’ll make it till Friday. When the weekend finally comes, you barely look forward to it because you’re so worn out. By the time you finally start to recover, it’s time to go back to work.

2. 需要整个周末才能恢复工作疲惫。一周之后心理健康指数会下降。到了星期二,你已经筋疲力尽,似乎无法熬到星期五。周末最终来临时,你几乎毫无期待,因为你已精疲力竭。等到你最后恢复时,又得回去工作了。

3. You’re stressed and irritable on Sunday night. On Friday and Saturday nights you can push work out of your mind, but by Sunday you can no longer deny that it’s coming. It’s hard to engage with the people around you, and you don’t enjoy the last day of your weekend as you anticipate Monday morning.


4. You fantasize about retirement—which might be decades away. Forget the weekend—you dream about a permanent break from work. You might even start planning your retirement, or thinking about ways to get rich so you no longer have to work.

4. 你老想着退休——那是几十年后的事了。不想周末——你只是憧憬从工作中解脱永久休息。甚至开始你的退休规划,或想方设法变得富有,这样你就不用再上班了。

5. Your sleep is much worse on work days. Toxic work can completely wreck your sleep. Some people feel the effects on days they work, while others may notice it in anticipation of work.

5. 上班期间睡眠极差。恶劣工作环境会完全破坏你的睡眠。有些人只要上班就有这种感受,而另一些人从周末开始就有。

6. You’re often physically ill. Countless studies have shown the effects of chronic stress on the immune system. If you’re being poisoned by a toxic work environment, you’ll feel the effects not only on your mind and spirit, but in your body. Y

6. 你经常生病。无数研究表明慢性压力对免疫系统有影响。如果你的恶劣工作环境,不仅会影响你的心灵,更会对身体造成伤害。

7. You take a lot of personal days. Even when you’re not physically ill, you may be choosing to say home as often as possible. Some days you wake up and the idea of going to work just seems impossible. Maybe you get as far as getting dressed and having breakfast, but then the thought of driving to work makes you sick to your stomach. I’ll just work from home again, you tell yourself.

7. 你经常请假。即使身体没病,你也常说“想回家”。有时你一觉醒来,就不想去上班。也许你穿好衣服,吃完早餐,但一想要开车上班,你就反胃。你对自己说,还是在家工作吧。

8. You don’t like the person you are at work. Perhaps the most telling sign that your job is toxic is that it’s changing you in ways you don’t like. You may find yourself becoming withdrawn, bitter, self-focused, and cynical. It might even spill over into your time at home with your family, which is the most upsetting part for you.

8. 你不讨厌工作中的自己。工作恶劣环境最明显标志也许就是总让你以一种你讨厌的方式去工作。你会发现自己变得孤僻、刻薄、过于自我,还愤世嫉俗。这甚至影响到你和家人在一起的时间,这对你而言是最难以承受的。

If some of these symptoms resonate with you, think carefully about your future in this position. Is there any way to change the job so it’s less toxic? Or could it be time for a job change?

如果你有这些症状,请仔细考虑你在这个职位上的未来规划。有没有方法可以换一种好一点的工作环境? 或找准时机换工作?

Finally, it’s important to note that a perfectly nice place to work might be toxic for you if you don’t belong there. No matter how agreeable your co-workers are or how positive the work environment may be, it won’t be healthy for you if the fit isn’t right.

最后,最重要的就是要注意: 如果你心不在此,再完美的工作环境也对你不利。无论你的同事多么和蔼可亲,工作环境多么积极向上,若不合适,对你来说都是不利的。

So honor your reactions to your workplace, even if you don’t understand why you’re so unhappy there. Your mind, body, and spirit are giving you valuable information that it’s best not to ignore.



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